Thursday, August 19, 2010

my sketchy-sketchy ... LOL

  • dis is the cover of my 'sketchy' b0ok
  •  1st pic, the actually represents my view, of life.. :)
  •  i just love a gurl with long hair.. :)
  •  love dis one :D haha
  •  i dunno how to draw a girl sitting like dis one..
  • but, i want to anyway.. :D haha
  • so, dis is the result :P hehe
  • i felt bored drawing con pose, so.. :D hehe i did dis :P
  • my 'supa gurl'!
  • love her b0ots though =.='
  • haha :D, dis one just 4 fun
  • actually, i dunno how to draw a couple..
  • especially the 'lovey-dovey' couple :D haha
  • rite...dis one.. :D hmm.. honestly, i m not sure whether he is a rock star, or a pirate..haha
  •  or..nvm lah :P
  • my fevret! :)
  • i dunno y, just love it... ;)
  • the'ice-cream' gurl
  • h0oo~!
  • first time, short n curly hair :)
  • n, a matching necklace~
this is exactly how i want my fantasy princess to l0ok like..glad i could bring it 0ut :)love u princess~!
orait, enough lah :) dats all... go sketchy2~! hehe :D
 sketchy dechy d0o~!

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